Community as a Core Value for Peace Community Church

Here are this week’s Reflection Questions for Sunday. You all shared such varied insights last Sunday. It was so rich and textured and insightful! If you have the opportunity…think on these things!–Mary

On “Community” as part of the name, Peace Community Church:

What does it mean to you to have the word ‘community’ in the name of the church? Is this important to you? Why or why not?

Do you see this congregation as having a commitment to community? What does that mean to you?

Some people are drawn to PCC because of our community. But others may feel that a commitment to community brings with it commitments to engagement that they may not want to make, and this may keep them away. Are we hurting or helping ourselves and the long-term future of the congregation in our focus on community?

What do we have to guard against in our understanding of community? Do we expect too much or too little of community?

Should our understanding of community be widened or deepened? If so, how?

How does ‘community’ fit with ‘peace’ and with ‘church’?

From Jane Story…
Community is intensely important!! We have such busy lives and can keep our noses in our separate phones so easily, that it is easy to forget how much we need each other to reflect Jesus’ love and support to each other. Here is why community is so important to me: When I came for Sarah’s funeral, my spouse kept telling me how PCC would have changed and that it would be different. It wasn’t. We were able to be together in the Community Room at PCC and support each other in our grief. We heard each other. We laughed. We knit (literally, I mean!!). We hung out. And we all belonged–to God, to PCC (the church entity that has shaped so many of us), and to each other. We belonged whether or not we knew each other, because we walk in the door, we all identify as a community committed to Christ.